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Work from home, business opportunity marketing, is a way of life here at Viral Biz Media, Inc. and MBP Advertising, LLP. This weekly home business Ezine published without interruption since 2001 currently has 41,440 validated subscribers.

BizMajic Business Opportunity Ezine

We own and operate approximately twenty Internet marketing (IM niche) websites and programs. These include, the first and best online safelist submitter "iPostAd" advertising service, the premium email account service "YuhKnow", a traffic exchange "ClicksGoneWild", paid safelist hosting "WooDoggie", instant traffic provider "KwickHits", plus others.

Our overall program membership and affiliate base is in the tens of many thousands of people. BizMajic ezine, published weekly and includes:

  • Home Business Marketing Tips and Strategies
  • Solo Ads That Work Tutorials
  • Business Opportunity Seekers News
  • Computer Tips and Tricks
  • Marketing Contests
  • Time Management Tips for Marketers
  • Income Opportunities
  • Social Media Marketing Tips
  • Internet Marketing on a Budget Ideas

Principles of Operation

Internet marketing

has taught us many valuable facets of Internet advertising. Succeeding in Internet marketing for fifteen years is a reflection of learning correct practices and taking care of business. The greatest resources in this business are customers, affiliates and program members. One must take care of customers and program members or there will not be a business. Without affiliate marketers, an Internet business will reach its maximum growth early and stagnate.

Business opportunity marketing

requires understanding people, especially members and affiliate marketers. We began our online marketing careers from home; consequently, we understand home business online marketing. Our organizations growth strategy includes passing essential marketing concepts to our affiliate marketers. Aiding affiliates with their individual growth guarantees company growth.

BizMajic marketing Ezine

is one of the mediums we use to interact with our affiliates and members. Each issue includes the latest company news as well as general online business marketing tips and strategies. Readers receive advanced notification of new services, web sites, and programs.

Ezine solo ads

are sold and sent to the newsletter mailing list but are never over sold. If you are have asked yourself “where can I find Solo Ads that work“, look no further!

Ezine ads

are kept to a minimum in weekly issues. We also sell and send only a few Ezine solo ads to the newsletter mailing list but never over sell. We respect our readers time; consequently we have a low subscriber turnover rate.

Laws and etiquette

of emailing are followed to extremes. Subscribers are required to validate their email address upon joining by clicking a link in their confirmation message. Unsubscribing procedures adhere to laws and are as easy as subscribing. Required company contact information including phone number is always included in each email message sent. Our domain names are registered using our legal company addresses and never using domain name proxy services to hide our true identities.

Verified and deliverable email list

is an absolute requirement at BizMajic. It is important to stress that we do not allow certain domains on our list. Email domains, free or paid that habitually bounce or refuse mail for any reason are added to banned list. In short, BizMajic’s newsletter email list consist of genuine, validated, deliverable addresses that belong to real people. Addresses found to be undeliverable are removed on a regular basis and unsubscribes are removed instantly.

Ezine Advertising in BizMajic is available on a limited bases. If you are interested in advertising within our newsletter please see our Ezine Ad Rates for more information.


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